Two weeks ago, France was coming out of a long period of lockdown.

This unprecedented experience, both very personal and collective, and our recently regained semi-freedom, have given rise to all kinds of new and often contradictory emotions: we find ourselves oscillating between the urge to literally “eat up life” at once and the necessity to deal with feelings of uncertainty for the future and concern for our health and that of our loved ones.

More than ever we all want – or better yet need – an escape, some fresh air, the smell of summer breeze and tons of laughter until the sun sets…

And while we are still waiting for clear and definite instructions to resume our work and leisure activities fully again, our list of wishes is growing by the hour.

No more concessions will be made: the time has come to follow one’s personal desires and meet again…

I have always favoured a specific approach to tourism for Youpi Tours: slow-paced, intimate, personalized, “human by nature” as I like to say (by which I mean profoundly considerate and always connected to nature…). And now the time has come to show how I can look after each and every one of you.

As you can imagine, I want to approach this new challenge with my usual optimism and energy. And try to look at this period of ” probation ” as an unprecedented opportunity to do things even better, slower, more subtly and closer to you than ever before.

Sure enough, your safety and health are my priority.

Therefore, I have prepared a health commitment guide specific to Youpi Tours and its partners. And just as I take much care in the organisation and legal aspects of my tours (transport and liability insurance, transportation capacity validated by the French Ministry of Transportation, etc.), I will make sure to offer impeccable hygiene conditions, adaptable to the specific wishes and prerogatives of your mini group.

But today I want to reassure you and promise that my tours will remain joyful, good-hearted and bucolic as always.

As of today, you can make experiences both simple and out of the ordinary, discover unforgettable hidden gems of nature, adorable art workshops, intimate estates or delightful craft shops and, above all, passionate and caring people. Again.

Welcome aboard my little freshly restyled Daisy vintage car for 3 passengers*, or my air-conditioned van for 6 passengers*.

Count on me to always welcome you in the same true YOUPI TOURS spirit of curious joy, “gourmandise” and sense of sharing.

Feel free to contact me, I will either invite you to a public super friendly hilltop aperitif, or prepare an intimate escapade perfectly suited for your tiny crew as well as for your budget.

But no matter what kind of getaway you want to go for, rest assured that I will bend over backwards to meet the sanitary constraints of the moment without you even really noticing.

I can’t wait to see you on the back roads of Provence.



* transportation can be accepted only for “privatized” tours, meaning you travel with your usual crew ; otherwise, so far only person is allowed per row of seats.  


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