“I have learned that courage was not the abscence of fear, but the triumph over it”. ???? Nelson Mandela

There we are! After an “under-the-weather” kind of winter, spring is finally here. And I dunno about you, but I’m really thrilled about it!

You probably remember the dramatic accident with a crazy driver, which reduced my dear Citroën Daisy into pieces? Well, thanks to your amazing support, we will forget this terrible episode and start afresh on April 1st with a new little Citroën Dyane 6 car. And I can’t thank you enough for being there! You gave me the strength to draw on the very little energy I had left then to prepare for a brilliant come back: more joyful, generous, connected to nature and to people than ever.

But let’s get back to this new little vintage car. You often ask me what her little name will be? Well, POPPY it is! And you will soon discover her either through pictures or in real life for my first spring passengers.

Until then, here is a sneak preview of my 2023 program. I’ve redesigned it quite a bit, so as to offer you as much bespoke experience as possible.

You will happily find again :

– the “HILLTOP APÉRO” you all know about – fun Dyane rides (mini discovery tour) followed by a panoramic aperitif dinner

– “WEDNESDAY WINEGROWER’S APÉROS” – open to all within a limit of 16 participants – without transport

– “SECRET RASTEAU EVENINGS” every other Thursday – super private, scenic and gourmet – the chance to meet two different winegrowers each evening

– outrageous van tours – ideal for parties of 4 to 6 people – with a price per vehicle super quickly optimized with a full van

And you will be delighted to try on one of the following brand new experiences :

– MEGA apéro perché – a real long tour with private encounters followed by a scenic or cosy aperitif

– “SOIRÉE BULLÉE” or sparkly evening – a private open air evening for 8 people or more with bubbles to toast!

– the unprecedented “VIRÉE SAUVAGE” or wild ride, my ultimate favorite! A great escape in the heart of the Baronnies between breathtaking landscapes, aromatic plants, a small gourmet or beauty recipe and a mini guided hike including a full vultures watch session. And as if this wasn’t enough, the day will end with an hilltop dinner apéro in the presence of our two nature guides! Simply stunning!

There you go. I hope you will enjoy this program as much as I enjoyed preparing it. I am happy to be back on the road and I am looking forward to writing a new page in the history of Youpi Tours – my own little memory factory – with my favorite and precious partners and most of all with you!

Let’s get ready to raaaaaamble ! Youpiiiiiiii !


NB: REMEMBER THAT MOST OF MY TOURS AND PROGRAMS ARE OUTDOORSY. But I remain at your disposal for bespoke more cosy events.