It is an odd start to the new year, is it not?

The gloomy perspectives of this brand new year compel us to shut ourselves in once again and see the world through our own individual peephole.

I have been feeling totally “under the weather” for the past few days. And even though I rise every day full of stamina and good resolutions I just cannot get around writing my yearly wishes.

Maybe my usual optimism and communicative joy – pushing me to always create new, fun and exhilarating escapades – seem to have decided to go along with the season and enter some kind of winter dormancy.

As I guess you all do, I am not idle though. Far from that. I work everyday like a little ant to try and go by this rough winter but also to save my crucial energy for better days to come.

And you have all found out how getting through this rough patch implies not only short-term prosaic actions but also a thorough thinking.

For it is a matter of feeding ourselves indeed, but also of coming up with new keys while keeping intact our fighting spirit, our creativity but also our little inner flame. All of which are necessary to infuse the right dose of passion in our small businesses. And, as far as I am personally concerned, to keep on elaborating the same vibrant, intimate, unprecedented, authentic tours.

Just like you all I guess, I cannot see the end of this tunnel. And I see no other way to hang on but to elaborate small “life arrangements” on a daily basis.

I catch myself daydreaming about the return of spring and share my time working concretely, tending to my partnerships, keeping in touch with my dear customers and friends. I have even entered a new training course to finalize an even more nature-oriented offer.

But when it comes to writing my new year’s wishes with a jovial card full of wit, wisdom and enthusiasm, this is yet another story.

Maybe I have to be true to myself and simply give up: this year, I do not have the heart to wish you anything grand, incredible, outstanding, breathtaking, exhilarating.

I just wish to thank you for the late year 2020.

Because, for as difficult and tricky as it may have been, with its endless list of bad global news, still it did provide me with one of the most joyous summers of my life.

And this is all thanks to you!

You have trusted me abundantly to elaborate all kinds of diversified, fun, gourmet, intriguing escapades. And it’s been so much fun.

Proof of it is the enclosed 2020 colorful and bucolic collage, hardly able to synthetize all those wonderful moments in great company. Made up of dozens and dozens of “hilltop apéros”, sunset dinners and full-day escapades.

An incredible number of precious encounters, long sun-drenched days, endless dinner parties out in the open in my favorite outdoor spots.

So let me thank you again for allowing me to experience the most vibrant summer of my life!

For now, I will reluctantly go back to my cave until that nasty Covid virus backs up and leaves some oxygen at last.

They say every cloud has its silver lining. I will hence take advantage of this forced retreat to go on working like a silent ant and finalize the perfect amount of joyous surprises to cheer up your future comeback. Our future comeback.

And even if now is not the time for promises, still I wish to commit to bend over backwards no matter what and to go on serving with you the most achievable yet joyful and imaginative plans.

Because I strongly believe that magic lies in the small, insignificant miracles of life, the most intimate moments, the easiest surprises, the most sincere crews and the most accessible panoramas. And especially in that particular space of sharing, somewhere between pure generosity and quiet benevolence.

I also believe that an imminent departure to an unknown destination just a few miles from home is worth ten times more than the hypothetical promise of a faraway journey.

This is why I will be resolutely ready to take you on board as soon as the freedom to move is completely restored to us… not far away, not very long indeed, but with no delay and without the slightest worry in mind. Oh, and without a mask too, so I dare hoping.

See you very soon.

Be strong. Be good. But mostly be sweet.


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