Happy New Year.

Not to everyone but to each one of you. And I insist because it is most important to distinguish these pronouns.

Today more than ever, please do follow your personal instincts, motivations, impulses. Teach them how to make a place for themselve swithin your own family or friendly tribe but also in this world. Pamper your inner child as often as you are given the chance to. For it is not done cracking up, jumping up and down, rubbing hands with enthusiasm, licking spoons, rolling eyes with wonder, daydreaming. Fill up on energy with joy, appetite and without an ounce of guilt.

And keep your best vibes to support or encourage as deep-heartedly as possible those near you who need it. My warmest thoughts to them.

And for those I will meet again or finally in 2022, welcome to my own very private dream atoll.

Nowhere near exotic ! But magical in every way !