“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”

Charles Kingsley

I know what you’re thinking: money can buy everything, or almost!

It is indeed tempting – and most of all easily and quickly attainable, in those times of absolute rush – to surround ourselves with all kinds of things.

“Nothing is more serious than pleasure” Cocteau used to say! So let’s be a little serious here.

It may sound cliché but we all know by experience that money cannot buy happiness. Nor enthusiasm as a matter of fact.

In those tormented times, how can you fit it all in? Your personal needs versus our sense of charity, sweet temptations versus emergency to respect our earth, dreams of faraway travels versus individual ecological responsibility, longing for barefoot fresh river strolls versus financial deadlines The more you think about it, the more the idea of pampering yourselves seems to turn into a brain-teaser.

So what? Should you just give up and dig a hole right now to hide away in it?

No matter your motivation and good intentions, your unstoppable optimism and emotional intelligence… the hectic pace of modern life, overwhelmed, over-connected, over-solicited, overflowing, etc., sounds much more like the promise of a permanent mental load than the piece of happiness you / we all long for.

It is urgent to hang up. Slow down. Back up.

Find time to do nothing.

Go with the flow.

Turn off the phone for a few hours.

Unplug the worry machine for a little while.

And this is exactly where YOUPI TOURS fits in.

It is indeed super easy to plan yourself a little touristy family escapade, for sure. Why appoint someone for that?

Tourist offices are there, efficient, friendly, available. Visual supports are ready for the season, each one of them more appealing, colorful, well-documented than the other. Their format gets easier to slip in a purse, a car door pocket, a hiking bag as years go by.

B&Bs, restaurants, wine tasting counters, local producers: each service provider has turned into a true ambassador for the region and will happily recommend an unforgettable hike, a unique bistrot, a stunning faraway scenery.

It’ll just demand a couple of hours of web search, one evening after a nice dinner out, while your kids and friends will be enjoying the swimming pool or taking a nice digestive stroll. Or so you think.

What about YOU though? Who will offer you the breath of fresh air you’ve been dying to take?

Where has this tiny parenthesis gone, which you promised yourself to take last fall?

What about that romantic escapade you’ve thought about so many times to help you through the endless winter?

Maybe those words have lost their rightful amount of promise and true meaning. Maybe they are today meant to remain appealing yet unattainable concepts used in those fancy tantalizing well-being magazines.  The ones you briefly leaf through in the doctor’s waiting room, or while distractedly watching your son’s soccer game or trying to focus on your little one’s piano practice. Maybe they’re just there to look nice, kind of like the cakes you used to stare at through baker’s window as a child. Without ever laying a hand on them.

No matter what your everyday life is, YOUPI TOURS will fit right in.

Whether you be the mother of a happy yet time-consuming family, in charge of logistics and scheduling for as long as you can remember.

Or the head of a company, tired of spending days coordinating, scheduling, negotiating, mapping, masterminding… Guitly to leave the office at 4.20 PM to pick up the kids, only provided you have showed up at 7 AM and will bring home a good 2-hour workload for the evening.

Or the city-dweller, spending your days in an office without hardly seeing the direct light of day, taking your lunch breaks standing in the gym’s locker room or on a desk cramped with deadlines and paperwork, letting go of some steam in front of your giant TV screen in the evening…. Without hardly ever experiencing the pleasure of an ever-changing daily nature stroll, short running session in some nearby hills, improvised picnic on the spur of the moment.

Well, it is high time that you log off! For one day or just a few hours.

That you treat yourself with something money cannot buy: a slice of pure enthusiasm!

The promise of a great little escape, simple yet highly joyful and revigorating.

A sweet reunion with that child in you. That exhilarated young kid, craving for freedom, dying only to spend his days in the open, uphill and down dale, back only when totally exhausted, dirty, covered with scratches or caught by the night. Yet stuffed with happiness.

A treasure hunt in search of your inner joy, brought to life for just a few instants: the gentle caress of a summer breeze, a ray of sunlight in your children’s hair, a glass of wine shared with your better half and a local vinegrower…

Close your eyes, do not do a thing and let me take you.

On a sunny day, along a simple yet peaceful tour.

I have not other pretention than that of sharing a pack of enthusiasm, curiosity and joy.

Just approach the old Dyane’s trunk (or that of the Nissan combi) and swap your cell phone for a good old stray hat nicely faded under the sun Provence.

En route ! Let’s go !

Corine Aujogues
3, rue du Four
26110 Mirabel-aux-Baronnies
06 89 87 65 50
Google My Business : https://g.page/youpi-tours

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